Smart Digital Solutions for Reopening Hotels

To ensure the safety of guests and staff, and maintain operational excellence with lean workforce, reopening hotels should consider integration of contactless solutions to their standard workflow.

One solution is improving staff efficiency through an automated self-service platform, powered through guests’ personal mobile devices, with no additional hardware costs required from hotels.

An end-to-end hospitality digital solution, from pre-stay to check-out, that remains effective beyond the pandemic.
After months of standstill resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, hotels are now finally allowed to reopen, offering staycations to travel-starved locals. Faced with strong demand, some hotels were quick to resume operations, only to encounter challenges not previously faced before. To ensure guests’ safety, hotels now had to implement numerous safety management measures that placed additional demands on an already lean workforce. A quick check on TripAdvisor reveals a flood of poor hotel reviews, with customer complaints ranging from unattended phone calls to overall lacklustre service. Yet, with the right digital integration to your standard workflow, operational excellence and brand standards need not suffer, and such challenges may easily be turned into strengths. If your hotel is currently facing the aforementioned pain points, Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform may just be the solution you are looking for – one that has already been tested and endorsed by hotels high-end and boutique alike.

Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform is an automated self-service platform for hotels, powered through guests’ personal mobile devices – with no hotel app download or additional hardware required from hotels. Manage interactions throughout the guest journey with Vouch’s intuitive and contactless technology.

1. Pre-arrival

Communicate with your guests early to prevent hiccups and create opportunities to surprise and delight for special occasions. Capture their pre-stay purchases e.g. champagne add-ons, flower bouquets, proposals room set up etc, and secure a healthy RevPAR even before their stay even starts.

2. Check-in

Control crowd sizes in your lobby, especially during peak hours, by offering guests their choice of check-in time to encourage staggered arrivals, allowing your hotel to anticipate and deploy manpower efficiently for an ideal arrival experience.

3. Concierge Services

Free up manpower at the concierge and reception counters while offering guests convenient access to information about and around the hotel with our digital compendium, available 24-hours, 7 days a week.

4. Facility Booking Management

Automate facility booking by allowing guests to pre-book their timeslots for amenities such as gyms, swimming pools and restaurants via our self-service platform. Maintain stipulated occupancy limits hassle-free while avoiding customer disappointment resulting from unregulated facilities access.

One of our hotel partners, Andaz Singapore, received more than 580 bookings for their poolside alone just 5 days after the facility booking platform was launched!

5. Room Item Request

Eliminate guest complaints from unattended housekeeping phone calls with Vouch’s Room Item Request module by allowing guests to request housekeeping items directly and contactlessly from their mobile devices.

6. In-Room Dining

Increase Room Service revenue with Vouch’s Contactless Dining solutions, where guests can browse menus and place orders the same way they make online purchases. Orders are sent straight to the kitchen through seamless integration, minimising the risk of human error made during order taking.

This September, Vouch was responsible for over 70% of the revenue generated through in-room dining and poolside ordering at Andaz Singapore, greatly reducing the time needed for their staff to process orders physically and by phone.

7. Restaurant Dine-in

Cross-sell F&B offerings and take a load off from your service crew with Vouch’s Restaurant Dine-in Platform. With mobile menus accessible directly through guests’ phones, customers can skip the printed menus and place orders directly to the kitchen without any assistance from service staff.

8. Feedback

Adopt our Guest Experience Platform and communicate directly with staying guests, capture real-time feedback and engage in service recovery all through Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform to minimise occurrences of poor post-stay reviews on public websites and giving overall hotel ratings a boost.

Many of these Guest Experience Platform features have longevity beyond the present coronavirus pandemic and if your hotel is still looking to digitalise and innovate for improved operational efficiency, speak to us about the latest hospitality innovations and how you can benefit from them.

To find out more about this powerful alternative to hotel apps, get in touch with our business development team for a demonstration of our Guest Experience Platform!

Hear from Andaz Singapore and Vouch’s CEO and Founder, Joseph Ling, as they talk us through their digital transformation journey in this video.
Play Video about Hotel Technology Interview with Andaz Singapore by Singapore Tourism Board
“Vouch has been an amazing partner throughout our journey in reopening the business, after a short hiatus. The team has been quick in taking action in this new normal, and have worked hand-in-hand with our team to launch great new functionalities that not only help us to serve our customers better, but also brought Andaz Singapore into the future of hospitality,” – Nicole Loh, Marketing Communications Manager at Andaz Singapore.