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The Future of Check-in is Now

With hotel mobile check-in added, Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform is a full-suite hospitality solution with functionalities that enhance guest experience throughout the whole guest journey from pre-stay to post-stay.

The mobile check-in function comprises three simple steps performed by the guest: registration, credit card pre-authorisation, and identity verification upon reaching the hotel.

Vouch’s mobile check-in solution has four major advantages: yielding a high user adoption rate, boosting operational efficiency for the front desk, protecting sensitive data through top-notch security practices, and integrating with the hotel’s PMS.

Better Guest Arrival Experience

Introducing Vouch’s hotel mobile check-in, the contactless check-in solution that combines convenience, health and safety, as well as data security features in one neat, web-based solution.

With mobile check-in added to its suite of customer-facing functionalities, Vouch’s hospitality solution enhances guest experience starting from pre-stay. Now guests can start enjoying the convenience of mobile check-in from the moment they confirm their bookings, and throughout their stays, Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform will make sure they have everything they need at their fingertips.

With Vouch’s hotel mobile check-in, your guests simply have to follow three steps to enjoy a hassle-free check-in experience in under 3 minutes.

3 Simple Steps in 3 Minutes

1. Guest Registration

Guests receive a confirmation email from the hotel with a unique check-in link for registration. Guests take a picture of their identification document, and the optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm automatically inputs their identification details.

2. Credit Card Pre-Authorisation

After registration, guests can input their credit card details for pre-authorisation. Registration and credit card pre-authorisation can be done anytime before the guest arrives at the hotel.

3. Identity Verification

When guests arrive at the hotel, they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi to verify that they are physically present within the hotel premise, and use their front-facing camera to verify their identity.

Why Trust Vouch’s Hotel Mobile Check-In Solution?

High Usage Rates

Guests enjoy unparalleled convenience through Vouch’s app-less solution. Downloading one more app on their phone creates an extra burden for guests, but Vouch’s app-less hotel mobile check-in is easily accessible by simply clicking on a link or scanning a QR code. This ensures a high user adoption rate and makes sure that your guests as well as your staff can enjoy the convenience without going through unnecessary processes.

Improved Guest Experience

Vouch helps hotels save invaluable man-hours. Vouch’s hotel mobile check-in processes guests’ identity details and credit card pre-authorisation to relieve the burden on front desk staff, especially during peak hours. Your guests avoid waiting in line just to register and pay at the front desk, and your staff have more time to carry out high-impact interactions that are more important for an exceptional guest experience.

Data Security

Vouch takes information security seriously. Vouch is ISO27001 certified by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), which means that Vouch has been audited and is compliant according to world-class specifications and standards for information security management. In addition, Vouch has a clean track record of handling sensitive data, with zero incidents of data breach to date.

Seamless Integrations

Vouch integrates with your hotel’s PMS. Hoteliers work hard to provide excellent services to their guests, and we work hard to make the hoteliers’ job easier. Each guest’s information is automatically updated in your hotel’s PMS upon successful registration, to free up manual entry by front desk staff. Let Vouch automate guest information updates, so that your staff can focus on providing top-quality service that defines an excellent guest experience.

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