Hotel Guest Experience Redefined

Hotel Guest Experience, Redefined

Hotels typically face challenges such as understaffing and high dropped call rate, leading to low ancillary revenue and compromised guest satisfaction.

Digital hotel technology is the key to overcoming challenges in traditional means of hotel operations and redefining guest experience.

The Vouch Guest Experience Platform is the contactless, guest-centric hotel technology that can greatly improve guest experience and operational efficiency.
All hotels strive to forge perfect guest journeys, but there are many difficulties. An understaffed front desk leading to an over-crowded lobby, an overwhelmed call centre with a high dropped call rate, and complicated back-end systems causing delays in housekeeping services, just to name a few.

Hoteliers must embrace the latest hospitality innovations to redefine guest experience. To find out more about how technology can redefine guest experience, let us go on a journey with Amy, a young professional woman who rewards herself with a staycation at Hotel Jo. Amy’s story may go in two different ways, and you, the hotelier, can decide which of them takes place at your hotel.

Story One

Amy is ready to check in at Hotel Jo for her long-awaited staycation. She is excited for an invigorating experience at the hotel’s renowned spa. But upon reaching the lobby, Amy frowns at the line of guests queueing at the front desk. Although Amy has made her reservation online, she still has to endure the mundane process of queueing and paying the deposit at the front desk.

Amy collects the key and finally arrives at her room. Afraid of waiting in line again for the spa, Amy immediately tries to make a booking by calling the busy front desk using the in-room telephone, only to be told, after listening to the on-hold music for quite some time, that the next available slot will be five hours later. Amy confirms the slot and hangs up the old-fashioned telephone.

The start of the staycation is not as smooth as Amy expected. She starts browsing the hotel compendium but soon puts it back, feeling tired from checking in and booking the spa session. As Amy lies on the bed, she can’t help but thinks: how nice would it be if the hotel has a technology that allows her to get all the information conveniently?

Story Two

Vouch Mobile Check in for Hotels
Amy uploads her identification document and pays the deposit on her own mobile phone. She arrives at the hotel lobby with the peace of mind that she can get her room key right away, and start her staycation on a blissful note. Everything goes as smooth as Amy has imagined. After a short couple of minutes, Amy is already settling in the cozy lounge chair in her hotel room.

Remembering that it would be a good idea to pre-book her spa session, Amy scans the QR code placed on the desk with her phone. A Digital Concierge appears on the screen, which shows Amy the available spa slots she can book. Although Amy secures a slot that is five hours from now, and she is excited to use this spare time to explore other offerings of Hotel Jo. The mobile platform gives her several recommendations, one of which is Hotel’s rooftop bar with a stunning view of the downtown skyline. It is still only afternoon, but a little indulgence wouldn’t hurt, Amy thinks. She heads off to her weekend getaway full of contentment and anticipation.

Finer Guest Journey, Empowered by Technology

Here at Vouch, we believe no hotels want their guest journey to be like the first story. That is why we built the Guest Experience Platform, the contactless, guest-centric technology to help your hotel serve your guests better.

Before your guests even arrive at the lobby, Vouch’s Mobile Check-in can help you handle guest registration, credit card pre-authorisation and identity verification. This ensures that your guests can check in smoothly and safely, minimising contact between your guests and your staff.

Once your guests check in, they can explore your hotel’s offerings conveniently and independently, simply through scanning a QR code placed in their rooms. With an arsenal of functionalities ranging from housekeeping requests to facility booking, Vouch’s platform enhances guest experience from pre-arrival to check-out.
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There are much more that our platform has to offer for your guests. Watch this short video to find out more.