Monetise Guest Interactions and Boost Revenue

Compatible with all Vouch modules, the RevBooster sells and cross-sells guests natively in a seamless approach, requiring minimal effort from the hotel. 

The Right Suggestions at the Right Time

Boost chargeable flavours when guests request coffee condiments? Or push slow moving mains before dinner time? Automate selling at timely opportunities to optimise ad relevance and conversion rates!
Vouch Revenue Booster module that increases revenue for hotels

Recommend for More Convenience

Are you providing thoughtful services that your guests are unaware of? Activate recommendations through the platform at different periods during their stay and encourage them to fully immerse in the experience curated for them.


No Risk or Hidden Costs

No set up or initial costs required. Pay only when successful transactions are made via RevBooster.

Zero Lost Opportunities

RevBooster is programmed to automatically capture every potential sales window identified by your hotel.

Seamless & Subtle

Tap on new revenue streams to achieve higher TREVPAR without the need for additional manpower or pushy sales pitches.

Commonly Asked Questions


Digital selling is more efficient and effortless than having a staff enter sales mode upon completion of service tasks. It eliminates friction in the purchase experience and offers customers the flexibility to browse more options before deciding on a purchase.

Vouch has a holistic solution that covers the entire guest journey and with the extensive data points collected from thousands of hotel rooms, we have comprehensive insights to guest behaviour and their purchasing patterns to ensure high conversion rates.

This is possible. If you are not currently a Vouch customer, reach out to us for a customised RevBooster deployment to boost incremental revenue, while keeping operations status quo.

Never miss another chance at increasing revenue with RevBooster.